Trusting the old folk's way


A warm welcome to Ntuka

The little home of natural, unique, aromatic skin care blends that follows in the footsteps of the humble old folk's ways of trusting in nature to enhance beauty and to promote general good health.

With Ntuka it's all about authentic, ethically grown and sourced aromatic essences, plant fats, earth and sea minerals, beautifully formulated to help promote healthy happy skin, distress the body and lift the spirits in order to create a harmonious balance that helps one manage daily inner ups and downs.

A wholesome approach that focuses on promoting inner and outer beauty, essentially nurturing body and spirit by incorporating loving self administered daily aromatic body massages, aromatic baths and showers as part of our daily self care rituals within the comfort of our own homes. 



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"I have been using your beautiful oils for over a year now and received a lot of compliments while camping a little while ago and I have lot of ladies who are in love with your products. They all were all intrigued by the gorgeous scents and wanted to know what I was wearing and said how lovely I smelled." - Nikki, Bristol, UK



The power of scent

None of the blends will be complete without the addition of the aromatic oils. They are the back bone of each and every Ntuka blend.

My discovery of them a few years was an instant attraction. Ample publications based on timeless research gives clear indication of just how remarkable these volatile essences are for skin health and sensory pleasure when used correctly and I am one of those that experience first hand their beauty on a daily basis.

I am absolutely delighted to be able to share current Ntuka's little collection with you. I do hope that you will feel encouraged to try the products as I have faith that you will completely fall in love.