Versatile, Exciting, Unusual oil blends

"Your blends are the best products I have come across in a long time, please keep on going"  - Allie, former health and well -being advisor at wildoats, Bristol

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Ntuka is a very small business that began in 2018 although not consistently, even to date but it all really started when I discovered aromatic oils. I had been searching for something else to do, work wise as I had a young child and I really just wanted to be her primary carer. So by stroke of luck or perhaps destiny, my search would lead me to a magazine article about aromatic oils . A discovery that would develop into one of my true loves.

I decided on that very same day  without any doubts that I was going to work with aromatic oils. I felt assured that it was what I was meant to do. The idea turned into hysterical excitement followed by months of research, trials and errors, observations, contacting relevant authorities, sleepless nights, wondering how I would turn this into a business!  Eventually, feeling fully confident about forging forward, Ntuka was born.


Ntuka's intention has always been to create skin care that is wonderful to use even if it is just for a few minutes. Simple, luxurious, unique, naturally perfumed, effective skin care that one can use in so many different ways. Delivering all the goodness that plant extracts can bring to not only nourish our skin, hair etc but to also activate that pleasurable body and mind connection that scent seem to evoke so vigorously.


I love plants and have always been a keen amateur gardener and forager from a very young age. I was always the one who planted flowers, fruit trees, cactuses etc in the family home and adults would often lovingly say that I had green fingers and that made feel very proud of myself.

So to be currently in a position whereby I get to feel, smell and work with plant fats and essences on a daily basis is an experience that I can simply describe as incredibly wonderful. It is not the same as being around plants or trees but for me it is just another level of contact on a much deeper level with plants whose extracts and essences I feel very much drawn to.

Scent is very much a personal thing, so I do hope that you will be able to find a bottle or 2 here that you feel connected to and hopefully your experience with them will be a profoundly pleasant one.

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