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Ntuka began just a few years ago triggered by what would later become one of my true loves, coupled with my tendency to always favour all things natural, a habit that was instilled in me from a very young age by my beloved late grandmother Ntuka who helped bring me up. I was born and brought up in Botswana with life being very much a natural wonderful affair although there were some aspects of my early years that I really loathed.
The seasonal enemas, the homemade weird herbal remedies, the homemade saunas, the home grown and wild greens that accompanied every bloody meal. I hated it all but I grew up, like we all do and realised how lucky I was. I learnt a lot from my grandmother in those formative years and interestingly, as soon as I was old enough to be able to fend for myself, I gravitated towards a life that was not very different to how I was brought up. I found satisfying nourishment in living a life that was very much as natural as it was possible. So in a way, Ntuka's existence is not a big surprise to me and to those that know me well. It is essentially just a beautiful wholesome extension to my way of life.

So the story really is that I had been searching for alternative employment so that I was in a position to care for my new born baby myself for a limitless period of time. I have a degree in education (special education) and had been working for many years in various educational settings, a very demanding job that I loved but desperately needed a change.
By stroke of luck or perhaps destiny, my search would lead me to discover essentials oils. A discovery that would develop into one of my true loves after many months of extensive research, experimenting and observing. 

I was instantly drawn to essential oils which does not surprise me at all. Very few people would find a reason not to love them is my opinion. They are just very special medicine, just pure magic is how I would really like to describe them. They are fabulous for skin care and make you feel and smell so good without being overwhelming or overpowering when used correctly and that is what I do. I use them correctly and skilfully to create some superb Ntuka blends and I beam with joy and pride for the opportunity to be able to share them with my family and some of you lovely people out there. 

Many many thanks for your support.

Binkie - founder