• CLOVE -  a powerful oil that lends a helping  hand to address and  soothe distressing skin conditions when blended with care. An oil with dynamic spiritual power that  inspires you to follow your chosen path. 


  • CORIANDER OIL -  a toniNG and strengthening oil that helps reduce cellulite and promotes feelings of eXtreme happiness and joy.



  • CYPRESS OIL -  has stimulating properties that make it useful for helping reduce cellulite, stretch marks and toxins. A supportive oil that is handy when feeling distressed due to stress, grief or going through major transitions.




  • EUCALYPTUS RADIATA -  promotes the regeneration of skin tisue. Helps reduce stress and is said to encourage spirituality and purity of thought. "The composition of this oil is such that it could be considered an aromatherapist's designer oil. Together with its attractive fragrance and low price, this is the number one all purpose eucalyptus oil" Kurt Schnaubelt, ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY, THE SCIENCE OF ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY - 1998.




  • JUNIPER OIL -  helps balance greasy skin and scalp, controls dandruf and soothes itchy, inflamed skin and may help reduce cellulite. It helps calm anxiety, stress and emotional overload.

  • LEMONGRASS OIL -  tones the skin and helps reduce excessive sweating. "like a ray of sunshine, this oils relieves depression and encourages positivity" Jennie Harding, THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO OILS - 2015.

  • NEROLI OILl -  with regular use, it helps repair scars and other unsightly marks. It is reported to be one of the profound aromatic oils for unsettled emotions. Helping to reduce fear, anxiety and lack of confidence.



  • PATCHOULI  OIL - helps soften the skin and the hair as well as helping tighten and tone saggy skin. A grounding oil that strengthens the connection between the body, mind and spirit.




  • PETITGRAIN OIL -  helps to reduce excessive sweating, balances and tones the scalp and the skin. An uplifting oil that generates feelings of hopefulness and joy in the sprit.



  • YLANG YLANG OIL -  an uplifting tonic that is helpful in balancing oil production for all skin types and hair. Helps calm anger, sadness, fear and jealousy








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  • BAOBAB OIL -  a very light, penetrative oil that is a rich source of vitamins. It encourages regeneration of skin cells as well as being super nourishing to the hair and the scalp.





  • SHEA NUT OIL - helps soothe some of the common  uncomfortable skin conditions such as dematitis and eczema and offers protection against harsh weather conditions.




  • AVOCADO OIL - an antioxidant rich oil hat helps guard against water loss. Deeply penetrates the skin, keeping it nice and soft. May help minimise the appearance of stretchmarks and help replenish dry and damaged hair.

  • RHASSOUL CLAY/ MOROCCAN LAVA CLAY  - has excellent absorption qualities that helps to pull away dirt and impurities leaving skin purified and soft. Its dark brown colour gives this blend a really lovely earthy colour.



  • DEAD SEA SALT  -  cleanses and strengthens the skin and helps relieve emotional overload.



  • EPSOM SALT -  cleansing and rejuvenating  to both the body and the skin. Like the dead sea salt, it is said to have a calming influence that helps relieve stress related conditions. 





  • VITAMIN E OIL - a natural vitamin e oil, which is a mixture of all the natural Vit E isomers not just the alpha tocopherol. It offers a very good balance as an antioxidant in oil based blends, enhancing the skin's natural regenerative processes, helping heal scars and softening  the skin and hair.